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 Whats the Advantages And Disadvantages for the DX-5 Printhead?



In the large format digital printer, one of the most important part is the print head. The Epson DX5 print head is used by various inkjet printers. It is a new generation print head that allows fast speed, high resolution printing with ecosolvent or mild solvent inks.  Then how much do you know about the Epson DX-5 print head, today I will share you the advantage and disadvanteges of the DX-5 print head.


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1. Print effect ranked first.

2. The price is relatively cheap.

3. The nozzle can print 5mm radian products.

4. Suitable equipment type is broad, the consumable material such as the ink is easy to buy, the maintenance cost is low.



1. The EPSON DX5 print head uses ABS material, the nozzle's anti-corrosion and fluency is not so good.

2. The DX5 print head can only print 20,000 square meters, the can be only used for 6-10 months, spray white ink will be easier to plug the head.

3. The printing speed of the nozzle is reduced and the encryption channel appears.


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These all above is my introduction about the Epson DX-5 print head. If you have any needs or questions about the DX-5 print head welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the 100% perfect product and service for you. Thank you for your reading.


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