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 Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing With The Best Printing Quality




If you take the area you can print with that liter and calculate what the cartridges would cost to print the same area on a desktop model, you'll find you'd be paying more a liter for the same ink. If you're talking about a large-enough job, the cost of the desktop ink cartridges might actually pay for a wide-format sublimation printer.


sublimation printing

You have to be forward thinking and weigh the initial capital investment, including equipment, materials, setup and training; operating costs; and production needs against your company's goals. With respect to the printer itself, you are looking at an upfront cost .


You'll also need a wide-format heat press. The number of presses in the range between 16 inches by 20 inches and a 44-inch width is limited, but it is likely to grow concomitantly with the interest in wide-format printing. However, mid-level wide-format heat presses currently are significantly more expensive than standard sizes.


sublimation printing


Also, because of the size of a wide-format manual heat press, it's preferable to get one that's air operated. If you decide to go to a 64-inch printer, it will increase your production speed, and you'll still be able to use the wide-format heat press and 44-inch sublimation paper; but you'll pay about twice as much for the printer. In general, if you give yourself a budget , you should be in good shape and be able to recoup the investment quickly.


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