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Share You A Closer Look at Digital Dye-Sublimation Printing



There are a number of different printing technologies used to print fabrics and textiles. One of the most common—and the one that is getting the most attention these days—is dye sublimation. What is dye sublimation printing, and what do you need to take advantage of the technology?


sublimation printing


Above , when we look at Textile Printing , we see that dye-sublimation printing has become the go-to technology for digitally printed fabrics. However, it’s not suitable for every fabric, nor is it suitable only for textile printing. Let’s have a closer look at dye-sublimation printing.


Some of us may remember when dye-sublimation printers started appearing on the market in the 1980s. They became somewhat popular in the 1990s for color proofing, and small dye-sub photo printers were sold (or at least marketed) as accessories for the first generations of digital cameras. However, these were not really dye-sublimation printers, as the dye didn’t really sublimate, although the understanding at the time was that they did. In retrospect, these were more correctly called dye-diffusion printers. In today’s printers used for textile printing—among other things—the dyes do indeed sublimate.


sublimation printing


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