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 How to Solve The Drop Ink if It Happen In Your Digital Printer?



Last week a customer ask me a problem, how to solve the drop ink problem, Today I will share the solution with you. It is normal that the equipment have some small problems, the most important thing is to find what can be resolved? Where will the digital printer be with problems? Today we have summarized the problems with the dropout of the digital inkjet printer and the problem of printing skew and the solution.


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First of all, there are drops of digital ink printer phenomenon where there are some, we have to understand clearly to find the right way, first in a certain material on the requirements of the amount of ink there are different paper there is the appearance of static electricity, The second setting in the weather climate for the ink preheat value should also be different. And the ink of the large cartridge is full, the ink cartridge is not scrubbed on time.  


The last one is a lot of bubbles inside the ink pipeline.The amount of dye sublimation ink can be used to set the software parameters to set, to avoid some areas of the spot color ink is too high. For different weather conditions can reduce the storage value of the cartridge, to avoid too high, so that ink droplets become more fine. If the ink cartridges ink over the phenomenon of drop ink can be reduced, reduce the amount of ink cartridges, it is best to control the amount of one-third to clean the wipe ink cartridges. If there is air bubbles, as long as the bubble can be reduced.


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