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Which Nozzle Will Be Better for The UV Printer Use?


UV printing is a new technology in the digital inkjet printing industry. While do you know what print head is suited for the UV printer?




Konica nozzle

Konica nozzle, a recently introduced Japanese brand whose first image-based company was involved in the production of piezoelectric sprinklers, has also been successful at hardware facilities, including the Konica Minolta 512 sprinkler and 256 sprinklers.


Polaris nozzle

The American Polaris Spray Head is a hyperspectral PQ-512/15 with a wide range of portrayed utility inkjet print heads for industrial and commercial print scale resolutions up to 1000 dpi.




Ricoh nozzle

Ricoh acquired Hitachi's nozzle technology research and development department, Hitachi had two nozzles used well, HITACHI 256 I and HITACHI 256 II, VUTEK5300 and VUTEK3300, these two machines each use 16 HITACHI 256 I nozzles, HITACHI 256 II This nozzle is mainly used in the HP Scitex: Idanit, Pressjet machines, HP scitex Pressjet and HP tuberjet 83 used 150 HITACHI 256 II nozzle, the record seems to have not been broken by now.




These all above are three print head that most suitable for the UV printing I think will better for UV printer.


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