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. Do You Know How To Adjust The Color of Your Digital Inkjet Printer?



In the digital inkjet printing process, no matter how good your printer is if you want your patterns printed with the best color. The necessary process is to adjust the color of your digital printer. Then how can we adjust it in a right way ? Read the following articles and you will know more.


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The screen display method: by adjusting the color of the screen to adjust the color of the image, usually on the screen through the color menu to select or adjust the color. This method is very useful in color matching or when it starts to be toned, and is a coloring method commonly used by designers. However, due to the principle of hair color and dye on the fabric of the hair color principle is not the same, the screen can display the color can not be all through the dye displayed on the fabric, and the dye shown by the subtle differences can not be on the screen display. Therefore, this is a kind of approximate color method, can not be used as accurate color.


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Color card color method: by contrasting the color of the color card to color. Color measurement method: by means of color measurement equipment, the color of the target color, and the color measurement results into the computer, and then print out the color. This method is paletized by the instrument, thus reducing the impact of many man-made and environmental factors.


The experience of color: the color of the speed, accuracy depends on the operator's experience and level. So you need know your sublimation printer by yourself first.


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