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Why Wide-Format Sublimation Printing Offers Big Advantages ?



Along with this increase in popularity has been a growing interest from within the decorated apparel industry for wide-format sublimation machines. Typically defined as units from 42 inches to 64 inches in width, with 44 inches pretty much the norm in our industry, wide-format sublimation printers have traditionally seen the greatest use in a sign and graphic companies.


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Buyers like the feel of sublimation, and with wide format, you can print a roll of paper and apply it to a roll of fabric to be cut and sewn. Or it can be used for test printing before going into full production, without being cost-prohibitive.


Wide-format sublimation printers allow not only for larger images but also for more economical printing of smaller items as well as an expanded range of substrates. In addition to things like blankets, beach towels, and scarves, they make it possible to print flags, fabric or metal photo panels, signage, and decorative pieces.


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Wide-format sublimation also can be used to boost production speed and decrease cost through batch printing. The dwell time is the same for printing 100 cell phone cases as for one, and you can print as many cases at once as you can fit under the heat press.


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