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Whats the Advabtages For Large Capacity Continuous Ink Supply System?



Large format inkjet printer are widely used in many printing area, clothes, home textile, out door advertising and graphics, large capacity even for the application of the system, you can make a large wide printing machine can add ink for a long time continuous inkjet printing; truly unattended, extremely easy to use.


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High-capacity ink cartridges automatically ink, do not have to worry about the ink cartridges in the ink capacity is too low or lack of ink to print, do not worry about the ink splashed outside, eliminating the need for frequent work to add ink trouble, so you save a lot of labor. in the printing machine printing process, no need to stop adding ink, to avoid the ink during the process, the ink shaking, there bubble, there ink break problem, resulting in greatly improved efficiency.


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Inkjet printing machine for the application of the system, even for the ink cartridge sealed ink for ink, ink in a sealed environment to run, put an end to dust, impurities into, to avoid secondary pollution, greatly improve your printing machine nozzle life. printing machine for the system plug-and-play, ink cartridges are free disassembly, easy transportation.


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