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CISS,What Should You Know about it ?

 CISS,What Should You Know about it ?

For many inkjet printer owners, especially the large format inkjet printer owners, will usually install a CISS for their printer. Then, what is CISS? And why people need this tool?

CISS, called continuous ink supply system, it is an inking system for inkjet printers that consists of a large external refillable ink supply, and is compatible with many models of inkjet printers.


When install a CISS for your printer, there are many advantages:

1.A cheaper way to print when youre using your printer a lot

2.You wont run out of ink in the middle of a job

3.You save time by not replacing ink cartridges

  If you think the original ink supply system is not convenient enough for you, welcome to contact us. And we can provide you high quality CISS.