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What Should You Do If You Meet the PrintHead Clogged Problem?



If the printer’s head is exposed to the air for a long period, ink can dry up and block the small opening. So do you know how to solved this problem? Today we will share you some tips.


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Foreign objects can block the opening. Some internet instructions advise users to wipe clean the print head with tissues or paper towels, which may introduce blockage to the print head.  An air bubble can temporarily block the opening.  Air is naturally dissolved in the ink. Fluctuation of room temperature will change the air concentration and thus form air bubbles.


Changing cartridges also introduces air into the system. It may not be a blockage. There are processes that can permanently damage the nozzle; the print head may be scratched and damaged, the print head may have over-heated during a long printing process, or a paper jam may have caused the issue.  


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It is a common misconception that pigment ink is more prone to clogging than dye ink because pigment ink is in the form of suspended particles and somehow the particles aggregate and blocks the print head. Pigment ink from reputable manufacturers has such a small size (0.1 µm) that it is almost impossible to block the opening of a print head jet.  This picture shows the relative size of a print head jet opening and a pigment particle (small red dot).  Many dye inks are filtered with 0.22 µm mesh which means the particles in the dye ink are twice the size of pigments.  The particle size of filtered drinking water is about 1 µm.


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