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How About The Aftermarket Dye Inkjet Inks And Its Conversions ?



Note that most printers are built for a particular type of dye sublimation ink and you can’t easily swap them around. You can however, often use the same type of ink from a different after market supplier, usually because they offer cheaper bulk prices.


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Dye sublimation printer manufacturers normally make most of their profits from ongoing ink sales, so they may try to discourage this by offering long-term lease contracts that include consumables, or by saying the warranty is void if you don’t use their inks. Some of the aftermarket ink suppliers get around this by offering insurance deals that cover some maintenance and repair claims.


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In rare cases, a third party conversion between types will be offered, but only between closely related inks such as strong solvent to light solvent, or light solvent to solvent-UV hybrid.


In most cases these will be conversions of new machines before delivery, but retrofits are sometimes possible. An example is the Colorific Lightbar conversion of light solvent Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland UV inkjets from light solvent to solvent-UV. In this case, older machines can be retrofitted on-site by flushing out, changing the feed lines and adding a new UV curing lamp system.


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