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How The Digital Wide Format Textile Printers & Its Widely Usage



As we all know, the demand for textiles produced by digital inkjet printers is growing, split across the graphics, soft signage, home furnishings and garments markets. There is some crossover between the graphics markets, typically meaning exhibition and retail point of sale signage, and home furnishings, which can include everything from curtains and wall hangings to cushions and duvet covers.


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It’s becoming common for service providers to use latex, UV and solvent printers, particularly for short term graphics. But dye sublimation printing can produce more vibrant colours and is better suited to long term use. Most dye sub devices print the image to transfer paper.


sublimation printing


This means you’ll need a heat press to fuse the image to the final fabric. The heat press uses a combination of pressure and heat – typically around 180 to 210C. This process drives the ink colourants right into the fibres of the textile so that the material retains its own natural look and feel, and ensures that the graphic will last a reasonable length of time.


The alternative is to print direct to the textile, thus cutting out the transfer stage. Some sublimation printers will do this with dye sublimation inks, while others use disperse dye inks. They’re both water-based inks but as a general rule the disperse dye inks have much better light fastness and so are more suitable for outdoor use.


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