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Do You Know Whats The Best Things For The Application Of Inkjet Printing?


One of the best things about large format print applications is that they can be custom designed to accommodate uneven objects and hard-to-reach surfaces while their inherent visibility makes them perfect for marketing campaigns. Constructed from durable, weather and UV-resistant materials, wide-format print applications are suited for both outdoor and indoor use.


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According to research, 91% of large format print services produce supersized banners, which means that banners are the most popular large format application on the market. Banners tend to be used in large multiple-day festivals, conventions, and expos and come in a wide range of weights and designs for different settings and budgets. Available in vinyl or nylon plastic mesh formats with UV-resistant inks, banners over 100 ft tall can be reinforced with extra large grommets and double-folded edges for use in windy areas.


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Window displays, vehicle wraps, wall coverings and custom-printed designs can all be printed in large format sublimation printer, providing great visuals for use in commercial and other settings. In addition, large format prints can be affixed to all kinds of surfaces, hung on walls, or set up as free-standing displays.


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