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Whats The Connections With Sublimation Printing And heat Press?


Depending on the specific application, and a shop’s volume and markets needs, a print service provider offering dye sublimation has a variety of choices. A range of heat press options are available, including smaller flatbed solutions, like popular clamshell and swing away, or rotary equipment.


heat press machine


Rotary heat presses typically involve a higher upfront cost, however the average user gains the ability to scale up production based on needs. These presses are ideal for sports and activewear apparel production. Aside from a higher investment cost, rotary presses come with more moving parts and maintenance, The calender or rotary press offers the most versatile options by allowing the user to perform roll-to-roll transfers virtually up to any length, single piece-to-piece work—again not limited by length—or piece-to-roll production


heat press machine

In addition to roll-to-roll models, rotary heat presses are also available for the production of cut parts printing used for apparel and individual part printing and transferring, adds Hopkins.


heat press machine


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