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Have You Do Sublimation printing? Is That Good For Polyester Fabric?


Sublimation printing is a digital printing process whereby special sublimation ready papers are printed with a graphic or design. These papers are printed on digital machines that are loaded with CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK inks) and then transferred to Polyester fabrics through a heat press. The inks used in the sublimation process are quite unique in their ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form.


sublimation printing


The conversion happens on what is known as a Calendar machine; it is initiated by heat and is controlled by pressure and time to sublimate transfer the graphic from the sublimation papers onto any sublimation ready surface, such as Polyester fabrics.


Polyester fabrics are the ideal choice substrate to be used in Sublimation printing; blends can be used where the majority content is at least 70% Polyester.


Polyester fabrics are incredibly durable, high quality and inherently fire retardant. This makes the Sublimation printing process perfect for fabrics in soft furnishings like upholstery, cushions, curtains and ottomans, as well as for swimwear, boardshorts and activewear.


sublimation printing


Once sublimated to the fabric, the print will last the lifetime of the fabric. The printed fabric feels identical to how it felt prior to printing with no raised surfaces or hardening of ink.


sublimation printing


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