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Whats The Best Sublimation Printing Tips and Tricks Should You To Follow(二 )


Whenever you shutdown your machinery and whenever it is turned back on for work, there is a small amount of your valuable sublimation ink that goes wasted. Since on standby by the printer neither produces sound pollution nor takes up exceeding amounts of power, it is best that you keep your printer on to save on that little bit of wasted ink as well.


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Capture Screens for Better Previews

At times it really feels like you should know how the outcome of a print job should be like. For clients that are persistent on asking for quality finishes, and your own personal previewing this advice comes in handy. To help you remember the final outcome, you can capture the screens and paste into CorelDRAW files for further viewing and printing.


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Use Protection When Heat Pressing

After your sublimation inks have been applied to the substrate, it is time for the design to be heat pressed. The best way to go about is to make sure that the substrate is protected during the process with a protective covering on both top and both sides of the substrate. This will allow for better finishes and protect from unwanted moisture and transfer of ink to other substrates.


Keep a Quality Resolution

In Adobe Photoshop it’s better to uncheck the auto selected re-sample box. Instead it is better to check the ‘Maintain Original file Size’ option in Corel Photo Paint. This will help you from software inappropriately adding dots unnecessarily and maintain the current resolutions.


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