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Share You The Tips For Sublimation Printing Solutions


Running a sublimation printing business setup is a whole lot exciting as you’re often asked to print new designs for your customers. With each print job completed comes positive client feedbacks and with every single new order brings a new story to your own franchise. So before you run out of your precious sublimation inks here are some of the best tips and tricks to keep you up and running with renewed zeal and zest.


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Keep Track of Your Previous Print Jobs As a vendor who provides excellent quality of print jobs for high-end clientele, you would be challenged by many orders where slight customization and precise adjustments are required. Keeping a record of such paint jobs will help you immensely in tackling future orders which might also require your focus and problem solving skills. With time your skills and management would eventually reach that of a master.


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Test and Train Yourself Don’t be afraid to experiment, but avoid testing new ideas using customers’ money. For sublimation paper printing testing and training purposes you can always buy a test kit for both soft and hard substrates and see how their combination works out.


Keep a Quality Resolution In Adobe Photoshop it’s better to uncheck the auto selected re- sample box. Instead it is better to check the ‘Maintain Original file Size’ option in Corel Photo Paint. This will help you from software inappropriately adding dots unnecessarily and maintain the current resolutions.


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