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 Advice For The New To Sublimation Printing Technology



Sublimation process is where a the special sublimation ink has been heated up until in converting it into a gas, at this point where it diffuses onto the selected product and solidifies. The ink transfer using sublimation method will be permanently heat transferred to textile, mugs, puzzles, hats, metals, and other sublimation surfaces. Other than that, sublimation printing is also suitable on fabrics such as t-shirt, cushions, home decoration etc. and also to ceramic products for instance mugs.


sublimation printing


What types of materials suitable in sublimation process and are there any limitations? As mention above, in sublimation printing you can print any sublimation blanks such as fabrics, polyester, jigsaw puzzle, hats and anything that have sublimate coating on it can be used in sublimation printing.Anyhow, there are still limitations in sublimation printings. This includes a natural fiber such as cotton. Sublimation printing is not suitable to be printed on 100% cotton because the image to fade and wash out.

sublimation printing

Normally, sublimation inks are darker than normal inks. Due to that reason, you cannot print it onto dark colored material, but you can change it into pastel color or white to get the awesome image printed.


Please remember, the only product that has sublimation coated can be used in sublimation printing. It would never work if you use sublimation printings on normal mugs you purchase in the mall no matter how expensive it is. For your information, the most suitable heat suitable for sublimation process are from 180 to 400 degree Celsius.


sublimation printing

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