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Which Is Suitable For Photo Printing: Dye Sublimation Printing Or Inkjet Printing?(1)

Which is suitable for photo printing: Dye Sublimation Printing Or Inkjet Printing?It's not easy to judge which the ideal photo printer is between a dye sublimation printer and an inkjet printer. It's better to understand the functions of the printers and the benefits that they can provide you when you use them. This will give you more freedom to decide whichever type of printer you really prefer to use and which best answers to your photo printing needs.

dye sublimation printer

Dye sublimation printing is a printing process that is becoming increasingly popular lately especially among photo specialists and professionals, who own photo kiosks and photo booths and require the best possible quality pictures.Sublimation printing refers to the transfer of full color graphic onto a specific media chosen out of a large scale with dye sublimation inks and sublimation transfer paper. These media objects could be materials such as glass, metal, ceramic and anything that can take a special coating which allows it to become sub €" receptive. Sublimation printing can also take place on puzzles, mouse pads, T shirts and even key rings and coasters. The process is relatively simple since there are not many steps required to produce high quality prints.Dye sublimation printers are printers that use dye panels as inks or colorants. The dye panels are like solid sheets of dye and these are imprinted onto photo paper through the thermal sublimation process. This type of printing device is most ideal for printing photos particularly because it not only prints photos in high quality but also in good speed. Most commercial photo printers that are used for photo studios and laboratories have this kind of mechanism.


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It is well-known to all that dedicated dye sublimation printers are completely different from the all purpose printers because they are made to print high quality photos only, no graphics documents or texts. In general, they are compact sized and relatively lightweight so that they can be easily moved; some printers can also use batteries that allow them to operate without the need of a power outlet. Dye sub printers are built around a dye engine, but there are still some printers suing the inkjet technology we know in other printers.

dye sublimation printing

The following is the advantage of dye sublimation printers during dye sublimation process: 

- Dye dub printers are much faster than the regular printers 

- They are maintenance free compared to inkjet printers. Dye sub printers do not clog, therefore they need no cleaning, or replacement

- The quality of the print is impeccable, and has no visible patterns, even if magnified- Inkjet printers can be blotchy at dark and shadow areas, while the dye sub ones produce perfect shadows and dark details

- The dye sub prints are waterproof and much more durable compared to regular inkjet prints

- The prints of the dye sub printers feel more like real pictures because they are vivid and smooth, without any dot patterns.

- Dye sub printers are much faster than inkjet printers that print photos out.