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Do You Know How to Use the Inkjet Printer Appropriately?



Normally the large format inkjet printer usually is a big investment. Learn to use it appropriately can help it has a longer service life. Then what should we do


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Check the print head before printing, and make sure that the print head is not blocked. After that, we can avoid the waste of sublimation ink. 2. Once you turn off the printer, please turn on it again in 48 hours. Long time no use is harmful for the printer.


Don’t turn on and turn off the printer too often in a short period, Because once you turn on the machine, it will clean the print head automatically. 4. Don’t take cartridges out frequently, or the air can get in easily. 5. After cleaning the print head, you’d better turn off the machine a short term, then examine the effect of the printer.


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The dye sublimation printer is through the heating time and temperature control, so each print color point can show a 256 color level changes; and inkjet printer is to ink to simulate the color changes, can not control each one The color point of the concentration changes, so need to use 256 inkjet points to be able to show the 256-order color. It is compared with inkjet printers and color laser printers, the advantages are mainly reflected in. Try the Experience we share you, i believe you printer will have a long life.


sublimation printing


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