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Do You Know What Makes Dye Sublimation Printing So Different?



Some friends ask me, what makes sublimation printing so popular, what’s the different compare with other printing ways?The fact is that the sublimation ink penetrates the substrate instead of just coating its surface, creating high-resolution, permanent images


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It does this through a chemical reaction in which heat turns the ink from a solid to a gas that permeates the material, which has to be polyester or polyester-coated. The heat causes the pores to open and accept the gaseous dye; when it cools, the pores close, fusing the image. If you think being restricted to printing on polyester substrates limits dye-sublimation's applications, it doesn't — if anything, it's the opposite.


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In practice, you print the image onto a dye-sublimation transfer paper then use a heat press to apply the paper to whatever you're printing — which can be anything from coffee mugs to cushions, vases to aluminium panels, upholstery to tabletops, chairs to curtains.


As long as what is being printed contains, or is pre-coated with enough polyester, it will accept vibrant, high-quality images and text that are durable, scratch-resistant and, in the case of textiles, so completely absorbed into the material that the 'handle' of the fabric — the way it feels and falls — is unaffected. Run a hand over textiles printed using the dye-sublimation process and you simply can't feel the image.


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