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Why Its Important for Us to Learn How to Make the Printerin Good Printing Condition


Large format inkjet printers are a relatively expensive device that allows it to print out nice large format color images that must be made to work in the best possible way. And to maintain its long- term in the best print state of the important conditions, that is, according to chapter operation and diligent maintenance.


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Although the use of large format color inkjet printer is not complicated, but some users still need to develop a good overall operating habits, in particular, to develop the correct switch machine habits. For the user, the switch machine is the most simple operation, but also the most important maintenance measures. There are a lot of control keys on the printer panel, and a power main switch, which is not directly connected to the external power supply, but through its own control to control the external power supply.


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Whenever the power is turned on or off, the printer will have to initialize the system. These initial work includes printer print nozzles, as well as print paper positioning and reset, to detect whether the printer panel cover is closed, ink tank, nozzle ink and automatic cleaning print head and so on. Through the printer power switch on the boot, the system can be initialized by the printer after the print head and print paper correctly positioned, and shut down the system through the initialization of the printer will print the print head and print paper automatically reset, so not only to ensure that the printer is normal Work, reduce the failure rate and eliminate the hidden trouble, extend the service life of the printer, but also reduce the cost of printing supplies and equipment maintenance costs, greatly improve work efficiency.


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Digital printing users if the printer is charged in the case of forced out of the power plug off, resulting in printer print nozzle can not be reset, the roof can not cover, can easily cause the print nozzle positioning failure. Here is the need for digital printing users Note that the large format inkjet printer rack, light weight, as well as wheel, highly mobile, plug the power cord, be sure to place difficult to meet, to avoid Inadvertently caused the power dropped instead of the normal shutdown.


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