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How About Dye Sublimation Printing For Stunning Cycling Jersey Printing?



As we all know, most the sportswear manufacture choose dye sublimation printing now, Why should we sublimated cycling jersey? Several good reasons. The look, feel, and comfort of the performance fabrics we use in our sublimation process makes it an easy choice. Unlike screen printed, embroidered, or tackle twill logos, numbers & names, that can be very heavy, scratchy and uncomfortable against the skin, sublimation has no weight or feel since it's directly dyed into the fabric. Sublimated text, logos, and graphics will not crack, peel, or fade.


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Dye sublimation relies on the use of modern polymer-based synthetic fabrics for the chemical bonding process. When heat and pressure are applied the ink sublimates from the sublimation transfer paper to the fibres of the fabric, creating an inseparable bond that is extremely durable, flexible, UV resistant, impervious to chemicals like chlorine/bleach, and has none of the weaknesses of other methods like screen or vinyl printing. For this process to be most successful we generally recommend at least 70-80% synthetic content in your fabric of choice.


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Some may say that being unable to print on traditional fibres like cotton is a drawback, but todays’s textile world offers a choice for almost everything. Examples like synthetic silk, breathable sportswear fabrics, velvets, or a more durable version of canvas for homewares come to mind. We love helping our clients source their ideal fabrics and are able to supply fabrics direct to consumers.


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