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Do You Know How To Improve Digital Sublimation Printing Process ?



With the continuous development of sublimation technology, digital printing printing gradually into the people's vision. Digital printing is the portrait, landscape, text and other graphic with a sublimation inkjet inkjet printer to reverse the way to print on the sublimation of paper, and then heated to 200 degrees Celsius hot press, hot sublimation paper Of the sublimation of the ink will be in the form of gasification into the substrate.


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Digital printing process is as mentioned above, but in order to product is very good, then you need to enhance the digital printing process, the main way is as follows: 1 Preprocessing recipe 2 Printing process.


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Digital printing process relative to the traditional printing process mainly to reduce the color plate and other processes, thus greatly saving the customer's waiting time. In contrast to conventional printing such as round nets, ink and ink printing with dye ink, the dye and fiber required for the combination of acidic or alkaline conditions can not be achieved in the sublimation ink, while the dye ink itself low viscosity, the ink printed directly on the fabric Easy to seepage, so the fabric must be pretreated .


Digital printing of the high rate of color, so the water consumption of water consumption process compared to the traditional printing greatly reduced. Generally cold water (room temperature) rinse, then hot water soap (90 ~ 95 ℃), the last cold water can be dried after drying. Due to less floating color, so the waste water in the dye COD indicator is very low, the manufacturers of sewage treatment costs also will be greatly reduced.


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