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Do You Know How To Test It When You Got A New Sublimation Printer?



Now inkjet sublimation printing are more and more famous in the textile printing area, with the development of the digital printer, the price are cheap now, so many of us want to buy a printer self use, Someone may know before you use the digital printer in the first time you need to have a test with the printer, so that you can make sure the quality of the machine is good. Today we will share you how to test it.


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Firstly,under normal circumstances the manufacturers may out the function of test printing below the cleaning function.Just open the panel of the cleaning function , you will see a choice of test printing.Then click OK, the digital printer will print out a paper with color.Through the color bar above the print effect, we can determine whether there is now inside the nozzle nozzle is blocked, or unusual circumstances. If the color is okay,the digital printer can start normal work , but if the color printed out is obviously abnormal, then the thing we need to do next is clean it up.


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But how can we clean it well , in fact clean the digital sublimation printer is just have a clean with the print head of the printer.Clean up the the print head is now very simple, at least we don't need to do it for manual operation.We need to open the inside of the machine inside the cleaning process, and then select the appropriate one of the cleaning mode, such as micro-wash Or strong wash, etc., after a good choice, then we can wait for the digital printer automatically spray the nozzle.


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In general, as long as these two steps, then we can safely start using this digital sublimation printer to print, and in this regard piezoelectric pictorial factory need to remind everyone that in the process of cleaning, But also need to pay attention to a variety of different circumstances of the judge, not what time to choose to clean, the appropriate choice of other practices, it should also choose.


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