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Whats The Advantages Of Our High Quality CCD Laser Cutting Machine


With the Widely use, now laser cutting machine are more and more popular in the textile printing area, A high quality, high speed, high accuracy laser cutting machine is very important. We ara a professional digital technology international trade company in China. And today I will share you the advantages of our laser cutting machine.


laser cutting machine


There is a high quality Canon 1300D SLR camera on the upside of the laser cutting machine. It can help you cut your patterns better. Our machine can help you feed the fabric or textile automatically. This performance can help you save your time and money. Improve your efficieny highly.


laser cutting machine


There are also two LED light in the left and right. It can illuminate and help you reduce the error. The low prower of teh LED light can also make it have a long lasting life.


There are two beams of the laser cutting machine. And each of the beam has a laser head. The asynchronous cutting has high working efficiency and thay can reach the seamless stitching.


laser cutting machine


Our laser cutting machine has the high cutting speed of the 200mm~300mm/s . And this machine is much suitable for the garment industry and the toy industry.


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