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What Type Of Paper Is Recommended To Use With The Printer And Heat Transfer Inks?

Sublimation transfer paper is recommended to use with the Epson, Roland, Mutoh, and Mimaki line of large format printers printer and heat transfer inks.Sublimation transfer paper is  an important part of producing a quality end product,which has tested heat transfer ink on a variety of large format sublimation roll paper. 

sublimation transfer paper


Heat sublimation  transfer paper is a great product to have on hand if you enjoy costume clothing. It comes in a few different options some for light fabric and some for dark fabric. It is compatible with most high quality printers. The process is simple. While under the heat part of the paper is melted which causes the image to transfer onto the product making it part of the item without causing any harm to the image. The dye sublimation transfer paper works for any image and any color fabric. With the quality paper, we supply the colors come out bright every time. Your product is machine washable and dryable as well. It will not fade or peel in time.   


sublimation transfer paper


There are some suggestions on sublimation paper and printer.As for sublimation paper,It's important to keep your transfer paper in a low humidity environment. We recommend keeping the paper in its original packaging until it's ready for printing;As for printer,The Epson printers offer much improved full coverage printing capabilities versus their predecessors. Nevertheless it's usually prudent to figure that whatever page size you use it will have 1/4" unprintable area on all sides. 

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