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Whats The Detail Features That Dye-Sublimation Transfer Technology Has



Good printing results. Uses dye-sublimation technology transfer printed fabric patterns fine, colorful, rich layers and clear, high art, three-dimensional sense, it is difficult to do other methods of printing. And can print photography and painting style pattern.


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Printing soft, long service life. The most important feature is the sublimation transfer printing can diffuse into the polyester or fibers, printed materials feel very soft and comfortable, feel the presence of a basic ink layer. Furthermore, since the ink had dried in the transfer process, the image of life and clothing as long as life itself, will not affect the fabric printing graphic appearance of wear situation.


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Simple process. Less investment in equipment, high flexibility authentic. When sublimation transfer printing can be a multi-color pattern without having to spend, and can print jobs in a short period of time according to the customer’s individual requirements.


Saving and environment-friendly resources. Different from traditional textile printing, dye-sublimation transfer printing without steaming, washing and other post-treatment process, saving a lot of water, but no sewage, saving resources and protecting the environment.


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