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Is That Important For Sublimation Inks Use On Digital Textiles Printing



The wide format digital printing sector has started to focus heavily on textile printing. This is especially true for on demand applications such as printed interiors and disposable or recyclable fashion, which could soon supplant fast fashion as a concept.


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Textile and sublimation printing are the two areas of print where safety must absolutely be considered from the very beginning of a project. Designers need to be aware of potential toxicities in inks and substrates particularly.


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Green guard certified textiles and sublimation papers are also available, although too many manufacturers have yet to get the digital printing message. Designers planning short run or variable data digitally printed interiors projects have to think ahead. The first consideration has to be the materials being used and their compliance or not with Green guard and other safety standards.


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Sublimation inks are less of a concern because most leading manufacturers working in this space have had their inks certified. Textile manufacturers are also getting the message. But the paper industry, too often in denial about digital print, has been relatively slow to develop paper products for digital printing that can be Green guard certified. That needs to change.


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