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Some Factors That You Should Consider When Use Sublimation Printing



The Dye sublimation transfer process is known for impressive output quality, as well as the lasting bond it forges through sublimation between ink and fabric. However, it does require the added step of printing to dye sublimation paper.


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There are many ready-to-sublimate products made specifically for the sublimation industry. The apparel side is always very popular and it offers variety and uniqueness by creating garments with images that do not wash away. When it comes to quality images, it is important to choose the right sublimation ink. When shopping for ink, ink specifically for sublimation printers requires a higher quality. You don't want to have any clogging and you want an ink which will provide lasting results.


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Dye Sublimation provides by far the most stable and hard wearing solution to digital textile printing. Images are printed in reverse on special sublimation paper, which is then pressed in contact with the textile under heat and vacuum in order to sublimate the dyes into the fibres of the material. The dyes actually become gasses to infiltrate the fibres, returning to a solid state once cooled. Following fixing by steam, washing and heat, the images are bright and vivid, with the ability to withstand repeated washing and detergents. Dye Sublimation digital is responsible for producing the majority of Australia’s sports team apparel.  


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