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 Better Printer for the Sportswear Printing - Mutoh RJ-900X



Now more and more customer choose mutoh RJ-900X sublimation printer for the sportswear printing, so do you know why this printer attract so many people? Today i will share the special characteristic of this printer?


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The Mutoh RJ900X is a high speed 42-inch wide 4 color channel dye sublimation printer based on the reliable platform of Mutoh's RJ-900. With a maximum media width of 44-inches and print width of 42-inches, the Mutoh RJ900X features an improved paper handling capability with the new pressure roller control which allows the user to adjust the pressure by media types.

The Mutoh RJ900X offer a blazingly fast print speed up to 676 sqft per hour and a high resolution imaging of up to 2880 dpi. Mutoh RJ900X utilizes the variable drop-on demand piezo drive method with a 3.2 picoliters drop size and the i2 "wave" technology which eliminates print banding.


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The Mutoh RJ-900X printer is ideal for every day sublimation transfer printing. The printer is fit for both startup and established businesses wanting to extend their product portfolio. The RJ-900X prints on typical > 95 g/m² dye sublimation transfer papers, so pressing onto all possible flexible and rigid polyester materials is possible. The compact design of the RJ-900X means that it is also suitable for home businesses and startups that are tight on space.


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