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Sublimation Printers & Paper: Creating Quality Prints from Your Digital Images



Hundreds of thousands of digital printer are sold each year. Part of the allure of a digital printer for most buyers is the ability to take control of editing and to produce their own images at home. For anyone who plans to print their image, a new printer will probably be necessary. The quality of the printed images will be dependent upon the digital printer, the sublimation ink, the paper and finish, as well as the print settings that are selected.


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Several decisions will guide the type of digital printer selected: the speed of sublimation printing that is desired, the cost, and the end quality of the printed image. Inkjet printers are common, affordable, and can produce nice images. Laser printers are faster and can produce an even higher quality print but they are certainly more expensive. Dye Sublimation Printers do not use ink or toner but instead use dyes to produce prints that are photo lab quality; but again they carry a higher price tag. Images produced from dye sublimation printers are less susceptible to fading and distortion over time.


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Better sublimation paper can play a significant role in producing great images and in determining how time, moisture, and bright light will affect the print. Paper brightness, weight, and finish vary. In general, paper that is designed for the specific printer being used, and for the purpose of printing photos is the best choice. Manufacturers make recommendations as to the best paper to use in photo printing. Likewise, ink from the printer manufacturer also tends to be a safe bet as cheaper/non-manufacturer labeled ink is sometimes of lesser quality. In addition, manufacturers often produce paper and inks that are developed specifically to work well together. Paper finish can be variations from matte to high gloss. Most color photographs are printed with a glossy finish while many black and white images make use of a matte finish.


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