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How About the Sublimation Printing Compare With Traditional Digital Printing


As the digital sublimation printing has a fast response, high print quality advantages, thereby shortening the production of printed clothing cycle, expanding the performance of the fabric fabric effect, so that clothing styles more diversified, personalized, and then meet the clothing fabric small batch, high Precision, green, fashionable design needs.


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Digital printing broke through the traditional digital printing of the color limit, the flexibility to create a color combination, quickly change the color, easy to complete the color gradient, moire and realistic color performance. Digital prints are not affected by the number of colors and screen registration error, the pattern of vivid colors, rich levels.In recent years, delicate and delicate, subtle subtle pattern effect is often active in the fabric. Compared with the traditional printing technology in the sample printing in the cumbersome process, digital printing greatly simplifies the clothing-like printing production process, shortening the garment-like clothing production cycle, so that printed patterns in the fabric to be fast and convenient to achieve, Especially for small batch of stage clothing and advanced custom clothing and clothing signs, scarves, ties and other clothing accessories requirements.


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Indian designer Manish Arora in the 2015 Paris autumn and winter high clothing show, in its name brand clothing show a rich illustrator-style digital prints.It will be animal and plant figurative patterns, geometric abstract graphics, texture patterns carefully designed to intertwine, interspersed in the clothing show a mysterious jungle world, so that the viewer clearly feel the digital sublimation printing brought Innovative fashion.


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