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 How Do You Think The Large Format Mimaki JV300 Eco-Solvent Printer?



High-speed, high-quality printing is in high demand in the sign and graphics market. Mimaki, the first manufacturer of solvent-ink wide-format printers, has introduced two new wide format printers to its line of eco-solvent offerings, the JV300-130 and the JV300-160. These printers deliver outstanding speed and stunning beauty, as a new global standard.


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In a nutshell, the mimaki JV300 printer offers new printheads, new inks, new improved firmware control, new intelligent drying, improved print density, improved quality and improved user controls. The upshot of these new features is a low-cost printer that can deliver print performance of up to 105 square metres every hour.


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There is obviously a caveat there, the 105 square metre an hour speed is a draft mode, but interestingly, whilst previous draft mode print speeds were typically used by printer manufacturers primarily for brochure brinkmanship, the complementary technology residing within the JV300 means, for certain applications at least, sellable print is achievable at this super productive speed.


More typically however, you will be using your mimaki JV300 to produce 720 x 720 dpi output, at high visual quality, onto vinyl and POS materials at over 20 square metres an hour, and 720 x 540 dpi output – again at good quality – onto banner materials at over 32 square metres an hour. As a high quality banner printer, the 1.6 metre wide JV300-160 is something of a beast, and the overall price/performance ratio is undeniably good.


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