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 How About the Digital Printing Technology Goes on the Garment Printing ?



The common process of Sublimation printing, maybe we all know, printing the image on the sublimation paper with sublimation ink, then use the heat transfer machine transfer the image on the fabric, so do you know another one, the direct sublimation printing on garments?


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Since the 90s of the 20th century, digital sublimation printing in China has been the rapid development of the traditional textile industry has brought a technological revolution.Compared with the traditional printing, digital printing has obvious advantages and characteristics, it is free from the traditional printing in the production process of color separation, production, network, color, pulp and other processes, the overall process is simple, shortening the proofing time, Reduce the cost of proofing, to help designers from the production technology and process conditions in the framework of the liberation.


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Sublimation printing through scanning or computer production and other means, all the material in the form of digital patterns, through the computer-related design software changes and combinations, showing a new visual image.Material use and development of the designer's creative thinking and design awareness has a positive impact, and enhance the originality of the pattern. Indian designer Manish Arora in the 2015 Paris autumn and winter high clothing show, in its name brand clothing show a rich illustrator-style digital prints.It will be animal and plant figurative patterns, geometric abstract graphics, texture patterns carefully designed to intertwine, interspersed in the clothing show a mysterious jungle world, so that the viewer clearly feel the digital printing brought Innovative fashion.


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