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Teach You How To Avoid The Mistake You Will Meet When Use Epson Printer



Consider what you will be printing before setting your budget. You already own the Epson sublimation printer so other than the actual art work or photograph, the paper you choose will have the biggest impact on the quality of your final product. Skimping here is a novice mistake.


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Choose sublimation paper that is compatible with your specific printer. Epson has a great selection of paper for all of their printers and many other companies make papers for Epson printers that work very well. Many dealers have sample booklets of paper available for your specific printer. These booklets are a really great resource and can open up new possibilities in your thinking.


sublimation peinter


Ask the store or dealer if the heat transfer paper comes with ICC profiles that were made for your specific printer. Avoid the paper if not. FYI: Epson papers that are compatible with a specific Epson printer have been ink limited, linearized and profiled for that printer. In some cases, Epson offers more than one ICC profile for a paper as well as different profiles for different print resolutions. Many manufacturers of paper provide ICC profiles for your printer.


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Don't try and find great paper at your local office superstore, they have lots of cheap paper and only 1 or 2 decent papers, if any. You will find your best paper selection at a dealer that specializes in Epson printers. A knowledgeable dealer can make experienced suggestions, tell you about profiles and help with insider tips and tricks.


Follow this advice and you are sure to avoid disappointment and raise the quality of your fine art or fine image prints.


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