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What Do We Need- For Someone Just Getting Started With Dye Sublimation Printing



Well, the obvious answer here is a dye sub printer.Above I talked about how to shop for a dye sub printers, so I won't rehash that question, but there are a few more items you need to examine.


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Your facility. Where will you put the new printer? What is the footprint of the printer? How much space do you need on each side of the printer? Venting is also important. How is your shop ventilated? Do you need more general ventilation added, or a specific vent added for the new unit?


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You also need to know what you need for peripheral tasks. How many more persons will you need to add to your staff for the new sublimation printer? You'll be asked to sew fabric dye sub banners in various ways, with pole pockets, as tubes, as squares, etc., as well has hemming and grommeting. Grommeting by hand is doable, but a pneumatic grommeter is much faster, but they don't give them away either.


If you've made the decision to purchase a printer, you'll need to choose what polyester fabrics you'll want to stock, and what size rolls. Hopefully, you've had enough experience to be able to know which fabrics are going to move the fastest, print the simplest, and give you the best margins.


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