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Why Digital Sublimation Textile Printing Are So Popular Now?



Dye sublimation printing completely does away with the use of transfer paper. The ink gas created in the sublimation process is pushed directly onto the fabric so that it binds and solidifies with individual fibers to create the printout.


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The main advantage of direct dye sublimation printing is that it reduces the time needed to produce the printouts, simply because the step involving heat transfer paper is eliminated. Nonetheless, the process is still limited to polyester fabrics and the fabric itself needs to be coated so the ink would bind with the fibers. Also, the resulting image is not as crisp as with dye sublimation transfer printing because the ink tends to spread and blot on the fabric.


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Digital textile printing is popular among those who do not wish to be limited to polyester when printing on fabric. This textile printing technique works with the wide-format printer placing ink directly on the fabric without having to transform it first from solid to gas.


In this technique, however, the ink to be used should be appropriate to the fabric to be printed upon in order to attain the best printing results. For example, reactive inks must be used for cotton while acid inks are utilized for wools and silks. This nonetheless results in brilliantly colored textile printouts. However, the process of finishing the printout can be tedious because after the printing, the fabric would need to be steamed, washed and then dried.


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There are three major techniques to textile printing with the use of a wide-format printer. Each technique has its best uses, its advantages and its disadvantages.


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