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The Techniques You Need Know on Sublimation Printing With Wide Format Printers



Digital sublimation textile printing using wide-format printers is becoming more and more viable as a business these days. The demand for textile prints for outdoor signage and banner advertisements, to say the least, is growing because of the many advantages consumers perceive that polyester, cotton and more natural fabrics have over paper and vinyl as printing mediums.


But when we speak of textile printing, we do not just mean a single process by which printouts are created on fabrics. There are at least three techniques used in creating printouts on fabric, and each technique has advantages and disadvantages over the others. The three major techniques used in textile printing using wide-format printers are discussed below.


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Dye sublimation works by transforming solid dye directly into gas, completely bypassing the liquid state. Heat is an essential factor in this process because it is the one that "melts" the solid ink and turns it into gas.


In dye sublimation transfer printing, the image is first printed out in reverse on a sheet of transfer or carrier paper. Whatever is printed on the carrier paper is then transferred to the fabric with the use of roll-to-roll heat press. The heat allows the ink on the carrier paper to bind directly with the fibers of the fabric.


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Many print service providers like dye sublimation transfer printing because it allows them to have more control with the quality of the image being printed. However, the process is considered to be wasteful and time-consuming because of the necessity of having to use transfer paper.


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