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Fast Dry Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper (1)


Fasy dry dye sublimation transfer paper is a special heat sublimation paper,which is specialized for dye sublimation ink.waterproof and instant dry is become the symbol of fast dry sublimation transfer paper.What is the application of fast dry sublimation transfer paper.Dry sublimation transfer paper is the best transfer paper which can be used in various printing method to transfer the image from the transfer paper to various objects such as fabric, wood, ceramic cups, tiles,ect.If you want to the image from sublimation paper then you must require a heat press machine which helps you to the image on the object permanently.

sublimation transfer paper

The sublimation paper printing process is simple and cost-effective. However, before you do any actions, you need to consider many aspects of sublimation related conditions such as availability of transfer papers, fabric selection and graphics that can change your course of desired production. We, Vinteclo, will find the best way you can finish up your project with the right plans and techniques. Please let us know what your objective in the dye sublimation process is.

sublimation transfer paper

Tips on sublimation transfer printing for Best Results 

1. It is not suitable to transfer the dark garments and ceramic... 

2. It can be used to transfer 100% polyester fabric, coating ceramic, iron plant and wood. 

3. Do keep the surface of the object clear 

4. Do not operate with the laser printer and the printer in pigment ink, like HP and CANNON printer. 

5. It must use the sublimation ink. 

6. The best transferring time is 10-15 minutes after printing 


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