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How About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sublimation Printing Method (二)


Sublimation printing method allows you to print full color images onto hard surfaces with a polymer coating. Screen printing can be a complicated learning process and become quite messy where as sublimation is an easier process to master.


sublimation printing

Sublimation allows the use of a full colour spectrum. Cost the same amount to print 1 item that it does to print 1000, meaning the customer doesn't need to order minimum order quantities, making sublimation the perfect print process for small business looking for promotional items, or the gift personalisation market.


The customer can completely customise. Sublimation paper printing does not require screens or specialist plates, meaning its a simple process to customise designs with any elements that change such as individual names, team numbers. Sublimation can be a quick process depending on order which could allow companies to offer same day or in some cases, same hour printing. As with anything there can be disadvantages, and sublimation is the same.


sublimation printing


Some of the disadvantages for sublimation printing are as follows;


The inks can be quite expensive to buy compared to other OEM ink printers, which is usually factored into the pricing of sublimated products. The items to be printed need to be either made of polymer fabrics or coated with polymer to ensure the sublimation process works effectively. Printables are required to be ideally white or very lightly couloured. Because the colour is dyes into the fabric sublimation printing cannot be used on dark printables such as black tshirts.


sublimation printing


Although with the sublimation paper printing process it is possible to access the whole colour spectrum, it is very difficult to mange the colours on the printers, this has been helped over the years with the introduction of the powerdrivers. Sublimation is really coming into its own and is a rapidly growing sector, its clear to see with the advantages raised above why this is.


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