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Get to Know More about The Sticky Sublimation Paper from Different Side



Most Peolpe must know that the sublimation paper can be divided into the fast dry and the sticky sublimation paper. If you have both used this two kinds paper you must know that the sticky sublimation paper dries much more slowly than the non-sticky sublimation paper. Then do you know why? And what is the difference between the sticky and non-sticky sublimation paper? Read the following and get to know more.


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Sticky sublimation paper is a kind of sublimation paper, and the main difference between the normal sublimation paper is that it has a sticky coating. The sticky coating can adhere to the textiles very firmly, and it can help the paper and textiles not moving during the sublimation printing.


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Application of The Sticky Sublimation Paper wide application of sticky sublimation paper The sticky sublimation paper is mainly applied to stretch materials like Lycra, polyester with spandexpolyester with cotton(<30%). There are many advantages of sticky sublimation paper, such as high transfer rate, good drying time, sharp text and fine lines as there is no movement between paper and fabric. But many people are puzzled one problem that why the sticky/tacky sublimation paper dries slower than regular sublimation transfer paper, even though the sticky paper is quick-dry type as well. This doesn’t mean the sticky paper has quality problem. 

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The Drying Speed The coating of the sticky sublimation paper is the main factor that can influence the speed of drying. The coating of sticky sublimation paper is mainly made up of high molecular polymer. Different with the fast dry sublimation paper, this kind of coating is water-based, so the sticky sublimation paper needs longer drying time. And there is one thing that you should know: the higher tackiness is, the slower the paper dries. You should choose the suitable sticky paper instead of higher sticky paper.


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