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Whats the Different Between Epson SureColor F6280, F7280 And F9200?


Now the Epson Surecolor F-Series printer are widely use in the textile printing market, Maybe you are confused which model should i choose, next is difference between the Different Epson sublimation printer.


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Epson has the highest resolutions compared with other brands, of course, the resolutions of Mimaki and Mutoh is also better, it depends on how strictly you request of the resolutions.


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When using Epson printer, the working environment should high, because Epson SureColor F6280, F7280, F9280 use Epson Newest TFP Printhead. The head is very precise. And mimaki and mutoh printer with Epson DX5 or DX7 printhead, also need high environment, but better than Epson.


Epson speed is high, with one head, epson can reach 30 square meters/h with 720dpi 4 pass, but mimaki and mutoh reach about 15 square meters/h.


Epson SureColor F6280/F7280/F9280 better use Epson original ink, but mimaki and mutoh printhead is widely used of the ink.


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Epson with high quality using Epson original sublimation ink, but price is also higher, it towards high-end market.


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