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Teach You the Most Selling Sublimation Printer And The Usage(一)


In sublimation printing, Mutoh, Mimaki, roland is the former to do sublimation printing, then china brand sublimation appeared, recently, Epson company developed F series printer original doing sublimation printing.


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Next is the dye sublimation model we main use:


Epson Printer:

In china, called SureColor F6080. F7080. F7180. F6280. F7280. F9280, abroad, called Epson SureColor F6070. F7170 .F7080. F6200. F7200. F9200.

Desktop Epson Stylus Photo R230.R330.R1390.1400 ETC. 


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Mimaki Printer:

Mimaki JV33-130 . JV33-160. JV4-130 . JV4-160. JV4-180. JV150. JV300-160.LC300-130. Mimaki TS34. TS3 .  Mimaki JV34-360 . JV5  ETC....     


Mutoh Printer:

VJ-1938WX . VJ-2638. VJ-1638W.VJ-1924W. CJ-1624W. VJ-1618W. VJ-1604W. RJ-1300C. RJ-900X .RJ-901X. ETC .....


Roland Printer:

RS-640. FJ-740K. XJ-640. XJ-740. AJ-1000. VP-540I. FP-740. AJ-740. SJ-1045IS. VP-300I. SP-540V. SP-300V. AJ-1000I. FJ-540. SJ-745EX. SJ-645EX. AJ-740I. LEC-300 . XF-640 . RA-640 . ETC.....


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