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Share You The Identification Method Of Heat Transfer Paper



Everyone knows that the product will be divided into a grade, so as to determine the suitability for the use of the company.The heat transfer paper is the same case. You should take a comprehensive consideration when choosing a product. Heat transfer paper, for example, is divided into many types. So, do you know how to choose heat transfer paper?




Heat transfer paper surface is a layer of special coating on the top, if your hands are a little wet to touch the heat transfer paper, it will feel a bit sticky .For the normal paper .  If it is the paper surface with a thin layer of powder in the above, you can use your fingers to gently scrape made a scratch. 




Compare the chemical faber ligh color colthes with the heat transfer paper . if the transfer is completed . the pattern is very clear . The sublimation ink have transfer to the fabric . while the effect of color ink-jet printing after transfer is different, although the pattern can see clear but clarity is not good enough, the feeling is vague, not very realistic. The effect of the reduction is not particularly strong, while the ink remaining on paper is also very large, basically half of the ink remaining on top. In other words, transfer ink on the top half, so the transfer effect is greatly reduced.


Put the pattern onto the plate machine and bake the heating plate. The transfer paper will naturally start to roll. This is because the heat transfer paper has a coating of special coating on it. This is normal. If the pattern with ordinary color ink-jet printing paper on tablet machine baking will not transfer paper that plays music like phenomenon, but the color will deepen many picture transfer. 




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