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Whats The Superiority Of Sublimation Transfer Printing Technology


Industrial production to today, the sublimation printing technology has been a great degree of improvement and improvement, and even a revolutionary change. For example, Sublimation transfer printing technology used by manufacturers is very advanced and superior, in the field of specialized printing and Printed has shown a prominent role in promoting the entire industry progress and development. So, the following to tell about the Sublimation Printing technology to show the superiority.


sublimation printing

The first advantage, sublimation transfer printing is to achieve a automated production printing mode, to the greatest extent, save the artificial resources. Have to say is that the traditional mode of production is more dependent on human resources, the number of staff on the input requirements are relatively high, the need to pay the cost of wages is relatively large. re scientific way of production, is an innovation of technology. 


sublimation printing


The second advantage, Sublimation printing on the production requirements of the relatively low cost of the development of the enterprise itself is helpful. Because of the use of professional machinery and equipment, whether it is pre-production or post-production, the use of raw materials, labor costs and other expenses are greatly reduced. 


sublimation printing


The third superiority, Sublimation paper manufacturers using advanced technology developed by the material quality is clear, there will be no fading problem. It is worth noting that in the use of the operation of the process, not only does not appear plug printhead phenomenon, and printed out of the picture quality is clear, very colorful, looks beautiful, showing a high appreciation value.


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