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Whats The Importance Of Sublimation Ink For Digital Printing



In inkjet digital printing consumables, sublimation ink is the main factor affecting the quality of inkjet printing, such as the use of undesirable ink, not only seriously affect the printing quality, but also cause damage to the machine. The quality of the ink can determine the quality of the image, but also determine the life of the nozzle. Sublimation Ink can be called the whole system of blood, directly related to the quality of the entire print, it is the output image of the color truth, color performance, visual impact, fade resistance and even the printer's life and the user's physical and mental health and so on.


Sublimation ink


At present, digital inkjet printing is mainly in two ways, that is, based on high-precision nozzle CMYK inkjet printing (dot matrix), and the dye pre-mixed into a certain color and spray onto the fabric on the pre-mixed way. In order to obtain high precision and smooth light-colored transition colors when printing in the CMYK way, high resolution must be required, which requires a small fineness of the nozzles and a high demand for ink, Of the greater difficulty. 


Sublimation ink


But the use of the number of dyes relatively small, the basic color for the four-color. Dot matrix is widely used in the printing method, because the nozzle nozzle diameter is very small, high resolution printing, the dye sublimation ink viscosity, surface tension, inorganic salt content and dye particle fineness is very high. 


Sublimation ink


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