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Do You Have Any Information On Large Format Dye Sublimation Printing?



The type of paper used for is typically called "dye sublimation transfer paper," or just "dye sublimation paper." I know - it should have a fancier pedigree for the king of printing processes, but that's it.


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The sublimation printing is done on variably sized inkjet printers. So, if you want a large format sublimation print, you simply need to find a dye sub printer that has a 3.2 meter printer (just over 10 ft.), and they will be happy to print whatever you need printed and as large as you want it.


Now, if there is a dimension larger than 3.2 meters (a meter is around 39 inches), what will have to happen is that the printer will choose a spot where there is no copy or complex graphics and fuse two pieces together at that spot. This is very commonly done where over-sized banner backdrops are used on stages or at trade shows, for instance.


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Because of the difficulty of marrying the sublimation transfer paper to the material the larger it gets, many companies are now electing to use direct to fabric substrate printing. It is really more of an inkjet printing process, but the inks are formulated to fuse to the poly fabrics similar to the sublimation printing, so the net result is very similar.


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