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Sublimation Clothing Printing With Sublimation Paper Gain Popularity In Global Fashion Field

Today,we will learn some info about sublimation clothing with dye sublimation transfer paper and dye sublimation ink in the printing industry.


effects of sublimation printing

As the fashion trends become more dynamic, the methods of clothing printing vary from cloth material and impart designs ,which brings the innovation of garment printing methods.There is a common problem when due to heat or as a result of hard brushing the print comes off the materials. Sublimation clothing is indeed a revolutionary method of heat printing that has proved to increase the endurance of prints on materials. This makes it the most appropriate kind of print to be used for uniforms and sportswear. The evolution of polyester fabrics has given rise to the technique of sublimation printing clothing.

What is sublimation clothing and why is called sublimation clothing? Sublimation clothing is the resultant material produced after printing has been done on it by the revolutionary process of sublimation dyeing. This is a process by which the producers are able to offer a durable and high quality print to their customers. This method helps to transfer full color designs onto plain and light colored fabrics used usually to make sublimation shirts. The print is durable and gives the fabric a softer feel. The print is such that it does not fade or gets damaged even after continued exposure to extreme weather conditions or even by the sometimes applied high external force used while washing.Sublimation is a term usually used for the chemical process when a solid transfers to vapors without turning into liquid. While printing the sublimation clothing, in the process there is extreme heat and pressure applied by using a heat press. This makes the solid dye turn into vapors, without becoming liquid and hence helps it to infuse with the garment at the molecular level. This is the reason why it is named so and also the reason of increased print durability.

subllimation transfer paper
Sublimation printing is used everywhere,regardless of t shirt printing industry,advertise industry or other gift item,which is a simple process with dye sublimation ink and dye sublimation paper can make one stand out among others.