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Dye Sublimation Printing as Compared with Inkjet Printing



The dye sublimation process holds certain advantages over inkjet printing, which is another common printing technology used with wide-format printers. It works great with photographic because it creates natural-looking images, which inkjet is sometimes unable to produce. 


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Dye sublimation is also a much cleaner printing process than inkjet printing. Because the dye does not enter the liquid state, there is less likelihood of the printer head getting clogged with dried printer sublimation ink


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On the other hand, inkjet printing can produce sharper and clearer images. Even with the protective coating, images created with sublimated dye can appear blurry compared to those made with inkjet printing. The gaseous state by which the dye needs to be in order to bind with the medium makes it difficult for sublimation to work with uncoated paper.


It is clear that dye sublimation printing with wide-format printers have their advantages and disadvantages. Whatever these are, this printing technology nonetheless provides a nice alternative in creating printouts.


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